Mrs. Marilyn Padget 2nd Grade

                                                    SVE Pop-In     
Reserve the evening of August 7 to come meet your child's teacher for the 2018-2019 school year and to sign up for a time to bring your child in for testing. The Pop-In will be in the SVE gym from 5:30-6:30 PM.  There may be a special treat for each SVE student that comes!

                                                   Supply list
You can find the supply list on our SVE home page. I encourage parents to bring the supplies when they bring their child for testing. Testing dates are August 9 and 10.

                                                   Summer 2018-Schools out-what now?
Reading-Be sure to keep reading. The Rio Rancho library has a great summer reading program. Read and earn prizes at the same time! We read and enjoyed the book The Trumpet of The Swan by E.B. White. I encourage you to read together Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, also by E.B. White.

Math-Have your child count coin combinations up to $2.00. Help them recognize the name and value of each coin. Encourage your child to continue their number scroll. I sent home blank pages for you to copy. Go on a shape scavenger hunt looking for 3-D shapes. Food boxes, toys, kitchen gadgets, etc. are some examples. Ask how many faces (sides)? How many vertices (corners)? Can it roll? Can it stack?

Writing-Get a composition book or other notebook from the Dollar Store and have them journal daily or write creative stories, complete with illustrations. Put them in charge of  writing the grocery list for the week. Send a letter to a relative using the appropriate letter writing format.

Spelling-I sent home their spelling word book in May. This book contains every spelling word we had this year. Have them practice writing the word in a sentence on a dry erase board (Dollar Store), then test them on the spelling words they missed this year. Once they get the word correct, place a star next to the word in their word book.

Computer-Check out these web sites-Zearn, Moby Max (student's brought their log on info home), Prodigy, Spelling City, Khan Academy, Storybird, just to name a few.

Staying healthy-Walk or play for at least 1 hour every day. Start a fitness log and post it on the fridge. Set a goal at the beginning of the week and reward yourself at the end of the week if you meet that goal with a special treat such as frozen yogurt!!!

What a busy month! It's hard to believe the school year is nearly over! 
May 4- Mrs. Olivier's presentation on her work as an engineer 9:30.
May 8-Last day for library classes.
May 8-5th grade choir presentation
May 15-Sandia Singer choir 9:20
May 18-Reader's Theater 9:30 followed by Power Point/Google Slide presentations
May 18-Pizza party supplied by our wonderful PTO-Box Top winners!
May 21-Pizza party-just because we have an amazing class!
May 22-Field Day-prepare for fun Matey's!
May 24-last day of school. Noon dismissal, no lunch served.

Look for our field trip to the theater!  We can't wait to see Aladdin!

9th-Jump Rope for Heart paperwork due
13th-field trip to the Balloon Museum for a butterfly presentation
19th-clean up our campus week!
21st-money due for Aladdin field trip
21st-student's jump rope for heart -Students-Please dress appropriately
22nd-SVE bar-b-que 2nd grade lunch is at 11:10
23rd-SVE Clean Campus judging
26th-no school-Spring Break
                            February 5th-conferences may begin 9th-spring photos 14th-Valentine's Day, Jump Rope for Heart assembly 9:50-10:30 15th & 16th-no school due to parent/teacher conferences 19th-no school. President's Day Student's are encouraged to wear school colors every Friday. Go SVE! Every Friday, snacks will be sold following student lunch periods. This is a fundraiser for our 5th grade teachers. January 8th-no school 9th-first day back for students 15th-no school-MLK Jr. Day 22nd-Pledge week 25th-Literacy Night 5:30-7:00 30th-Field Trip-Pete the Cat at Pope Joy Hall (UNM) Literacy Night Please join us January 25th for SVE's Literacy Night. Student's can attend classroom for literacy activities.
What a busy month! We have many fun activities planned this month. These are a few of them:
9th: SVE craft fair.
11th: 2nd grade rotations. Students will visit the other 2nd grade classrooms to make cute projects.
12th: SVE musical @ 9:20.
14th: SVE choir @ 9:20.
15th: movie night hosted by the 2nd grade.


Leaves are turning color, days are getting cooler, special holiday meals are being planned! I hope everyone one of our families has a safe and special Thanksgiving break!

Special dates/events:
Nov. 5-Daylight Savings Time ends
Nov. 7-picture retakes
Nov. 10-Veteran's Day Celebration. Please join us from 9:00-10:00 as we celebrate our Veteran's. Additional note sent home Nov. 6
Nov. 11-Veteran's Day
Nov. 16-SVE Thanksgiving lunch
Nov. 17-SVE Movie Night 5:30-8:00
Nov. 22-24-no school
Nov. 23-Thanksgiving


I hope you have the opportunity to go to the balloon fiesta. It is truly a special event in our area! We have a busy month. The following are important dates:
Oct. 3-fire prevention assembly
Oct. 6-Balloons Aloft. Hot chocolate and donuts will be sold for $1.00 each.
Oct. 11-Walk-n-Roll to School-meet @ 8:15 to walk or roll back to school.
Oct. 13-Fall break. No school
Oct. 17-field trip to Galloping Grace Youth Ranch
Oct. 20-Fall Carnival/Smiles dentist
Oct. 23-Smiles dentist/parent/teacher conferences may begin
Oct. 25-late night for conferences
Oct. 30-31 no school 

We are off to a great start! The students are excited to learn and are working hard. We have started centers in both language arts and math and are settling into our routine.
Upcoming events:
Sept. 4-no school
Sept. 12-fall pictures
Sept. 15-Scholastic book deadline
Sept. 28-SVE Math Night


The following are some ideas to help all our little ones grow as learners over the summer:
*Join the public library summer reading program.
*Check out books from the public library; books your child can read to you and books you can read to your child.
*Have your child journal daily. They may want to illustrate on the top third of the page, and write on the bottom two thirds of the page. Composition books work great for this. Possibly buy a cool pen for them to use!
*Dictate your grocery list to your child. They can write the list and help you shop. Compare prices of two items; which item costs more, how much more does it cost? Take two items and add the prices together.
*Have your child do chores to earn money. Have them decide first what they want to buy, and then help them figure out how much more money they need to save.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!! I will call parents to set up testing dates and times as soon as I am given my student roster. Have a safe and happy summer!!


Second Grade Teachers are happy to collect a $30.00 fee to purchase the supplies, but if you prefer, you may provide the supplies yourself by purchasing the following items:

  • 6 composition books
  • 3 boxes of Ticonderoga sharpened pencils
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 package of glue sticks (10 count)
  • 1 box of crayons (24 count)
  • 1 box of colored pencils (12 count)
  • 1 box of markers
  • 6 plastic prong folders with pockets
  • 2 pack of 4 dry erase markers
  • 4 pink erasers
  • 2 packs of loose leaf paper
  • Ruler
  • $4.00 cash to cover the cost of an agenda.
  • Tissue boxes

    Optional (and much appreciated) purchases:

  • 1 container disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Copy paper


April Showers Bring May Flowers! We began the month with rain and we can already see grass turning greener and flowers popping up.

News Flash!!! Due to our 2 snowy days this winter, students will attend school full day on Wednesday April 5 and 12th.

No school Friday, April 14-Good Friday!
April 16-Happy Easter!
April 28-SVE Sock Hop!

April Curriculum:
 Language Arts-
Eureka Math-
Social Studies-

                                     Image result for march 

                                  Image result for dr seuss      
March 1-Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! We will celebrate with Green Eggs and Ham. Will they like Green Eggs and Ham Sam I Am?
                                                          Image result for computer
March 6 & 9 (NWEA testing from 9:15-10:40). I'll send the results as soon as they are available. 
                                                          Image result for walk n roll to school
March 10- Walk-n-Roll to school. Meet at 8:15 and walk or roll back to the school!
                                                             Image result for gold star
March 14-Reach For the Stars Challenge ends.
                                                            Image result for beach    
March 20-Spring Break begins!!

                                                       Image result for math         
Math-We began Module 4 which is grouping by 10's and counting on. Student's are beginning to compare 2 2-digit numbers.
                                                                   Image result for reading
Language Arts-We began Unit 4 in Ready Gen. Our writing emphasis is to write narratives using temporal words. The students are getting very good at knowing and using the words with minimal support.


Our Valentine's Day party will be Monday, Feb. 13 instead of Tuesday, Feb. 14. Student's have been given a list of classmates names and may bring in their Valentine's Day cards Monday or before. We will have a card exchange party with mostly healthy snacks beginning at 2:15 on the 13th. Students will decorate a bag in class to hold their cards. Please be on the lookout for our party food sign up!

Upcoming events:
Feb. 10-Walk-n-Roll to school
Feb. 13-Valentine's Day party
Feb. 17-Scholastic book order due
Feb. 20-President's Day-no school
Feb. 23-end of trimester 2
Feb. 27-conferences may begin
March 1-Wednesday, late night for conferences
March 6 & 8-NWEA testing

Language Arts-We began Module 3, Unit B in Ready Gen. Students are writing opinion pieces where they need to state their opinion, write two reasons why they have that opinion, and conclude the writing piece with their opinion. Students are concentrating on writing complete sentences, making sure they have correct capitalization and punctuation.
Math-We have begun Module 3 in math. Students are working on measuring using non-conventional objects to measure with such as paper clips and centimeter cubes. We are touching on 2 & 3 dimensional shapes and telling time to the hour and half hour.
Creation Station-Thank you for the donations to the station. If you're not sure what this is, please ask your child and they will gladly explain it. Keep those donations coming-ideas; foam chunks, packing material, scraps of ribbon and fabric, small boxes and plastic bottles, wrapping paper, paper towel, and TP tubes.


Welcome back! I hope you had a great break. The students came back refreshed and ready to learn!

Upcoming events:

Jan. 16-no school-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Jan. 20-Scholastic book order due

Jan. 23-Pledge of Allegiance week-announce our Pledge over the intercom

Jan. 23-SVE Literacy Night 5-7 p.m. (more information to follow)

Feb. 1-100th day of school (it was Jan. 31st)

Language Arts

We’ve begun Module 3. We’re working on the following standards:

W.1.3: Students will write narratives using temporal words (first, next, then, finally) to signal event order.

W.1.5: With guidance and support from adults, focus on a topic, respond to questions and suggestions from peers, and add details to strengthen writing as needed.

RL.1.3: Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

L.1.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking.


We are nearing the end of Module 2. The following standards apply:

1.OA.1, 1.OA.6, 1.NBT.2a, 1.NBT.2b: Identify 1 ten as a unit by renaming representations of 10. Solve addition and subtraction problems decomposing and composing teen numbers as 1 ten and some ones. Solve addition problems using ten as a unit, and write two-step solutions. Solve subtraction problems using ten as unit, and write two-step solutions.


This week we begin researching penguins. Students will have access to books in the classroom and will work with their peers to gather information, record pertinent information, put that information onto index cards, eventually writing a report. They are welcome to do research at home and bring in any print-outs to help his or her team with information gathering.

Social Studies

We will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and also about needs and wants and goods and services.


We have many activities scheduled this month, particularly the week prior to winter break. Below are some activities we have planned:

 Tuesday, December 13-Sandia Vista Singers presentation 9:30-10:15      Wednesday, Dec. 14-Grinch Day                             

  Friday, Dec. 16-Pizza Party

We have been busy learning new things in both language arts and math!

Language Arts: We’re finishing Unit 2, Module B. Students have been learning about student’s in other countries. We have used the Double Bubble Thinking Map to compare and contrast students from two different countries. We will write a narrative to explain differences and similarities between students in America and students in other countries.

Math: We are working on subtraction story problems. Students are learning to make 5 groups and cross out the amount subtracted. 

I hope you have a safe holiday break. Please continue to read as much as possible. You can have your child read books from home or from the public library. I'll place a January reading log in the Nightly Reading folder prior to break.

Image result for november images clip art

What a wonderful time of year! It can be challenging to fit in everything we need to do which makes it that much more important to slow down and think about those things we are thankful for. The turkey will get bought and cooked, the Christmas cards will get written and sent, the tree will be put up but most importantly it's a perfect time of year to slow down and be thankful! I hope you have a wonderful celebration with friends and family.

                                  Math Night
Please join us this Thursday from 5:30-7:30. First graders will be able to play math games with parents in my room and Mrs. Tafoya's classroom. We will have posters displayed showing strategies used in first grade. Parent's of first graders may visit other grade levels also to see their presentations. Pizza and water will be sold if you are need of something to eat. Just drop in to either room and stay as long as you'd like!

                                      Parent teacher conferences
Parent teacher conferences may begin Monday, Nov. 14. I have sent home conference schedule times. If you have sent back the confirmation or conference time request, I will be sending home another conference sheet. It's important to meet to discuss your child's progress. I am looking forward to meeting with all parents!



Happy October! We have had a great start to the school year. The students are working hard in reading, writing, and math!

Language Arts: We are finishing up Unit 1, Module B this week. Children have used facts to write questions and answers about animals. Some of the standards addressed are; identify the main topic and retell key details of a text, know and use various text features to locate key facts or information in a text, ask and answer questions to help determine or clarify the meaning of words and phrases in a text, distinguish between information provided by pictures or other illustrations and information provided by the words in a text, and ask and answer key questions about key details in a text.

Math: We are finishing Module 2 in Eureka Math. Students are continuing to add and subtract within 20 using various strategies. They are getting to be experts with number bonds, number sentences, tape diagrams, looking for unknown numbers just to name a few! Please plan on coming to our SVE math night on November 10th! Each grade level will have a math strategy presentation and a room set up with math games for parents to play with their child. More information will follow soon!

Upcoming Events

Oct. 10-30 Read Like a Lobo Reading Challenge

Oct. 14 Scholastic book order due and Walk-n-Roll to School

Oct. 28 Fall Carnival