Tana Gonzales Montessori

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I can’t believe that May is here.  I want to let you know that I have enjoyed being with your kids and helping them to grow academically and socially.  They were a joy to be with each and every day. Thank you so much for your patience and unending support this year.  

I am asking that you continue to support your kids and have them read daily for at least twenty minutes.  This will help them continue to grow as a reader and a student. Enjoy being together this summer and create some new memories.  If you have any questions this summer please don't hesitate to Remind me. 

Heading into the next year Volunteer background check

Wondering if your volunteer clearance is current?  
 The front office staff can let you know if you are an approved volunteer and when your status will expire. If you are soon to expire you should receive an email 30 days from your expiration date inviting you to reapply. 
*Note: You are not able to reapply sooner than 30 days from your expiration date.*
Further questions, please e-    mail volunteers@rrps.net

It is highly recommended that you get a volunteer badge.

Below you will find the supply list for next year.  


The Montessori Teachers would prefer to receive $30 for the Primary and Lower Montessori levels, and $25 for the Upper Montessori levels to purchase necessary supplies throughout the year. If preferred, parents are welcome to buy the following supplies for their students. Supplies will belong to entire class, so please do not label supplies.

 1 clipboard
 Crayola Brand fine tip markers (8- 10 count)
 Crayola Brand broad tip markers (8- 10 count)
 Crayola Brand colored pencils
 Crayola Brand 1 box 24 count crayons
 1 bottle Elmer’s glue
 4 glue sticks
 2 pink gum erasers
 5 plastic folders with tabs in the middle
 5 black dry erase markers, fine tip (skinny)

 5 colored dry erase markers, fine tip (various colors)
 5 colored composition notebooks (red, blue, green, yellow, black)
 1 white binder with plastic cover page insert 1” in size
 1 pair Fiskar scissors
 2 boxes of tissue (optional)
 1 large container of Clorox Wipes (optional)
 1 package 3x5 index cards

We are also asking for a few additional items according to your child’s grade level:

Primary Classes (pre-k, K)
1 primary composition book with top window for picture
1 pkg. primary writing paper
24 sharpened wood pencils

Lower Elementary (1-2 grade)
3 packages WIDE RULED writing paper

Upper Elementary (3-5 grade)
12 mechanical pencils (.9 lead) 3 pkg. college rule paper
Mechanical pencil lead refill (.9 size)
2 red ballpoint pens 4 black ballpoint pens
1 pkg. post-it notes 1 plastic pencil box
1 package large graphing paper 1 bottle white out
1 red binder 1”
3 packages COLLEGE RULE
 1 ream of copy paper
 2 Magic Eraser sponges