Gifted Instruction - Brigid Fair

photo of Brigid Fair and student

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Brigid Fair

Gifted Instruction, teacher

Gifted Program Design and Service Delivery

At Sandia Vista Elementary, we put the needs of our students first. All program delivery models:

  • address student learning styles and the goals determined on each student's individual education plan (IEP);

  • are designed to deliver instruction to extend and enrich the concepts taught in the general education setting;

  • lessons plans are based on Common Core State Standards and the instructional needs of each participating student; and

  • follow a variety of curriculum models to achieve a flow between an academic ability and skill level challenge for each student.

The most common options for gifted instruction are: Peer Pull-Out Groups

Students leave their general education classroom for service. Peer groups are formed based on like interests and ability and may be of a mixed age range.  In this setting, lessons are project based activities. Projects can range up to several week and typically integrate more than one subject area. Students do not miss direct instruction in their general education classroom, related arts classes, recess nor do they miss special events to participate in a pull-out gifted instruction class.

General Education Enrichment In this model I work with the general education teacher(s) to provide opportunities for gifted students to be challenged in the general education setting in one or more subject area. There are a variety of approaches with this option: students may work side by side with me and attend a pull-out group, or they may be best serviced in their general education setting.

Monitoring in the General Education In this model, the gifted program teacher collaborates with the general education teacher and observes the gifted student in the general education setting. The service focus is on enriching the District adopted curriculum.  The purpose is to ensure classroom curriculum is providing enough challenge for the gifted student but there is no direct instruction from the teacher of gifted instruction.