Beth Northness - ELL Coordinator


 Be on the lookout for activities and things to do on our google classroom page.

 Hope you are staying safe. Let me know if you need any resources or anything at all

The SVE Library pays for the following subscriptions that are FREE to our SVE community
Social studies and science texts (reading levels appropriate for the upper grades)
Username: sandia
Password: trueflix
Fiction and nonfiction paired texts (reading levels appropriate for the primary grades)
Username: sandiavista
Password: bookflix
Encyclopedia Brittanica Online for research
Username: sves
Password: learn
A large collection of juvenile E-books and audiobooks
Choose your school: Rio Rancho Public Schools
Password: RRPS network password

I am the English Language Development (ELD), instructor. I work with the children who are perfecting the English Language, especially the academic side. I meet with every grade level Kindergarten - 5th grade. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions
338-2526 x 54312