Mr. Von Osten, Fourth Grade

Welcome to Mr. Von Osten's Fourth Grade Class.  

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Spring Break!.  We have just completed our SBA Science 4th Grade test and our Spring NWEA test in Math and Reading.

We will send  our NWEA scores after Spring Break in our student's agenda.  We are working on our final reviews for our PARCC Assessments.  We will begin our 4th Grade PARCC Assessment on April 16th-26th.  We will not be testing on Wednesdays.   


We are continuing with the ReadyGEN program.  In Unit 3, readers understand that different types of texts can be used to analyze similar topics and ideas. Writers understand that evidence can be drawn from both literary and informational texts to state and support opinions about a topic.  Learners understand that science is a newer method of explaining natural phenomena. For our Performance-Based Assessment, students will analyze two of the texts they have read in this module-Earthquakes and Quake!- and state and support an opinion about which text more effectively portrays the impact of earthquakes on human beings.

We are creating classroom groups in Reading/ELA to maximize time and focus on our students' needs.

Fraction Equivalence, Ordering,and Operations

Module 5 - In this 45-day module, students build on their Grade 3 work with unit fractions as they explore fraction equivalence and extend this understanding to mixed numbers.  This leads to the comparison of fractions and mixed numbers and the representation of both in a variety of models.  Benchmark fractions play an important part in students' ability to generalize and reason about relative fraction and mixed number sizes.  Students then have the opportunity to apply what they know to be true for whole number operations to the new concepts of fraction and mixed number operations.

Science/Social Studies

Our fourth Science Unit of the year will be focusing on Engineering Toys.  In Social Studies we will continue studying geography/maps.

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