Mr. Von Osten, Fourth Grade

Welcome to Mr. Von Osten's Fourth Grade Class.  

Winter 2017 is here!.  I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, excellent sports, and the Holidays.  I want to wish everyone a wonderful Winter Break and "Happy Holidays!".


We are continuing with the ReadyGEN program.  In Unit 2, Interactions in Nature and Culture, readers understand that themes in literary texts can be interpreted from dialogue and descriptions. Writers understand that dialogue and description reveal character traits and story themes.  For our Performance-Based Assessment, students will write a tall tale that includes an element of nature and displays the characteristics of the genre: larger-than-life characters, a problem that is solved in a humorous way, and exaggeration of characters and events.

We are creating classroom groups in Reading/ELA to maximize time and focus on our students' needs.


We have completed Module 1 and 2 in our Eureka Math Program.  Module 3 is a 43 day unit that will focus on multiplication and division.  Students will use place value understanding and visual representations to solve multiplication and division problems with multi-digit numbers.  A key area of focus is to develop students' ability to reason about methods and models chosen to solve problems with multi-digit factors and dividends.  Topics include area/perimeter, two-digit multiplication, division with remainders, decomposing numbers, and using the distributive property in problems.

Science/Social Studies

Our second Science Unit of the year will be focusing on the Physical Sciences.  In Social Studies we will be studying geography/maps.

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