Mr. Rambaldi-grade 4

Greetings!  Welcome to fourth grade!  My philosophy is "FIRM but FAIR".  My expectations for the class are academic excellence, social acceptance and respect for peers and the rules.  I use the Positive Behavior Model using rewards for quality work and attitude/behavior and give clear expectations regarding work and classroom performance.  Our learning is a mix of facts and fun--I strive daily to keep your child engaged and entertained while they are absorbing knowledge. Parent contact will occur DAILY.  I am always available for questions or concerns and look forward to working as a team to educate our children. I'm looking forward to a great year!
~Mr. R. 

Our daily schedule:
9:05-10:15-Morning Math/warm-ups
10:15-11-Related Arts
11-12-Math block (11:30-12 intervention)
12-12:30-ELA 1
1:15-2:45-ELA 2 (2-2:45 intevention)

HOMEWORK REMINDER: 20 MIN. READING -students will complete a written response IN CLASS, not at home....just sign their AGENDA and I'll take that as confirmation that you observed them reading for at least 20 min.

RELATED ARTS class schedules will be posted each week, on the board and in ti=heir agendas.  Please be sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing/shoes to participate.

8/25-Reading-Our story,"Porpoises in Peril" follows the Science Squad as they uncover a plot to steal some valuable stones and the resulting damage done to the environment and the porpoises...our instructional objectives include re-read, siting evidence from the text, hypothesizing, author's purpose and POV.
Math-We are exploring place value and our instructional objectives include correct place value charts and design. movement from value to value, comparing numbers using the chart and ordering data from greatest to least and least to greatest, again using the chart.

9/10-Our latest story, "Mary Anning", tells of a woman in the 1700's who stumbles upon a career as a fossil collector/scientist and deals with issues like gender bias in the world.  We will cross curriculum into science as we study fossils and with social studies as we discuss the difficulty women have had earning equal rights.  We will continue Math Module 1, exploring tape diagrams and word problems while reinforcing our basic skills with daily practice. 

9/25-Our new story, "Fragile Frogs", discusses the situation where scientists across the globe discover a decrease in the population of certain amphibians.  We explore the possible reasons for this decline that include human encroachment, disease and introduction of new predators.  In math we wrap up Module 1, finishing our work with tape diagrams and continuing our constant scaffolding re: basic skills.  Remember to sign and return your child's field trip form, as we will be going to the Water Festival in three weeks!

10/7-We are finishing "Fragile Frogs" this week and focusing on comparing our three texts for common themes and ideas.  Math sees us in Module 2, exploring the Metric system and learning how to convert metric amounts.  Field trip forms are due no later than Friday, and Parent/Teacher conference sign ups will go out next week.

10/16-Parent/Teacher sign up forms come home today.  Please choose your first, second and third "picks" and I'll return confirmation ASAP. We've moved on to our new story "SKELETONS"-a non-fiction look at the bones within us--and lots of other animals too!  Ask you child to fill you in!!  We also just completed our first PBA-SCIENTIST BIOGRAPHIES--which walked us through the writing process from rough draft to final cut with typing and illustration.  We had some exemplary work done--stop by our bulletin board and check our your childs' work.

10/23-10/30-Parent Teacher conferences-please be sure to check your times and let me know if something changes and you will be unable to attend so we can reschedule. We are finishing our latest story, "King of the Parking Lot"-ask your child to fill you in!

10/20-Reminder-Field trip to the Water Festival on Tues. Oct 24th-wear your Water Festival t-shirts! 

10/30-31-NO SCHOOL!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!:)

11/1-Second Step-We start today our weekly Monday sesson with our site Counselor, Mrs. David-She will teach a 1/2 hr. lesson on relationships, dealing with conflict, feelings and similar interpersonal topics.  This is a very valuable topic-Talk to your children and ask them what they learned today!

11/5-Our latest ELA stories. "Movers and Shapers" and "King of the Parking Lot" continue our observations re: the human skeleton-one story being a non-fiction about the structure of the human body, the other a historical tracking of a famous missing King's bones!  We will be focusing on elements of a non-fiction story including captions, titles, bullets and inserts ("Movers and Shapers" and Sequencing ("King")-ask your child for details!

11-16-Math-We have progressed to Module 3 and just completed our Mid Module assessment.  We have seen an excellent improvement in scores re: Area and Perimeter, applying our knowledge in multi-step word problems that require the students to calculate the area and perimeter of one rectangle, then utilize their answers to compute the area and perimeter of a second, larger rectangle.  Aside from area/perimeter practice we are working on deciphering exactly what the more complex, multi-step questions are requiring our kiddos to complete. 

We have also finished and published our ELA end of unit assessment (creating and Infographic)-This required your child to complete a research paper, gathering facts about their chosen animal.  They then utilized this data to create an informative, visually stimulating single page Infographic, complete with bullet points of interesting information including their animal's habitat, life cycles and  several fascinating facts, a topic paragraph and image--all in an asthetically pleasing piece. 

11/24-Happy Thanksgiving!  No school Weds.-Fri. this week!

11/24-Our new ELA unit, "TALL TALES", has us exploring famous tall tales in American literature-("John Henry", "Why the Sea is Salty", "Pecos Bill" and "How the Stars Fell Into The Sky")-We will be creating our own tales, incorporating various writing elements (dialogue, character and plot development, sequencing, conflict/resolution, topic sentence/conclusion, using vivid descriptions) to write an exciting, interesting story.  

12/5-We recently enrolled the class in Prodigy-an online math practice "game" that allows your child to continually practice their math skills under the pretense of "play".  They can use their student ID to login at home and can "link" up with peers to enjoy exploring math together! Play with them--they really love this site, and the continual reinforcement will greatly improve their performance.

12/12-Next week is our Winter Celebration--We are bringing in snacks on Wednesday, Dec. 20th.  We are also having a "white elephant" gift exchange.  Please bring in a WRAPPED gift that would be appropriate for either a boy or girl, with a value no greater than $10-NO LATER THAT TUESDAY, DEC. 19TH.  If this presents a financial hardship, just send me a note and we'll figure it out--no child will be excluded.  

This week will be our final Second Step Lesson with Mrs. David-we have spent the last month with her, exploring subjects like "Dealing With Our Feelings", "resolving Conflicts in a Positive Manner", "Handling Stress" and such--helpful videos and in class discussions allow us to practice and model positive behavior and have been very beneficial. Talk to your child have them model the correct responses for you!

12/21-1/8-WINTER BREAK!!!!

1/9/18-BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

2/18-Parent Teacher conference signups have been sent home to you...please choose your top three times and I will do my best to accomodate you!

2/24-Report cards will be coming home need to sign and return ASAP, then they will be returned to you to keep.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. 

2/14-Valentine's Day-please be sure your child brings a valentine for each child--they can have "special" valentines too....

3/5-St. Patrick's Day is coming!  Wearing green is not necessary, but is recommended!

3/22-SPRING BREAK!-Relax and rest, get ready for PARCC!!!

Reminder-PARCC testing is Monday, 4/16-Thursday, 4/26/18--please be sure to plan any trips or vacations outside of the testing window.

5/1-Field trip to Los Golondrinas!  You must bring a sack luck, NO glass bottles...a small backpack is recommended.  Wear layers, a hat and sunscreen...and stay hydrated!  Volunteers are needed to take groups around-remember, you must have a district cleared badge.  If you can volunteer, please contact me.  Thank you!

5/15-Summer!!!!! It's almost here!  Please check with your child and be sure all library books have been returned.  Final report cards will come home the week of the 24th.  Remember, we have a half day early dismissal on both Weds. the 23rd and Thurs. the 24th.  New school supply lists for 5th grade will be posted on the school website, so check back frequently.  Have a great SUMMER!