Mr. Rambaldi-grade 4

8/13/19 Greetings!  Welcome to fourth grade!  My philosophy is "FIRM but FAIR".  My expectations for the class are academic excellence, social acceptance and respect for peers and the rules.  I use the Positive Behavior Model using rewards for quality work and attitude/behavior and give clear expectations regarding work and classroom performance.  Our learning is a mix of facts and fun--I strive daily to keep your child engaged and entertained while they are absorbing knowledge. Parent contact will occur DAILY.  I am always available for questions or concerns and look forward to working as a team to educate our children. I'm looking forward to a great year!
~Mr. R. 

8/12/19-I'll be sending home forms periodically throughout the year.  Be sure to check your child's "SIGN AND RETURN" folder (in their binder) EACH NIGHT. If there is a form that needs signing, please SIGN AND RETURN the very next day. Also, be sure to clear out your child's 'TAKE HOME-LEAVE HOME" folder EACH NIGHT.  (this is work we've done that day). Don't let it 'clog up'! This folder should come back to class EMPTY each day.

8/16/19-Homework-I believe your child should have as much available time as possible at home for after school activities and fun....homework consists of simply reading for a MINIMUM of 20 minutes.  They also have a DAILY AGENDA, which is a recap of what they've learned in class that day. (They write this list at the end of each day).  All they have to do each night is WRITE THE TITLE OF THE STORY they read directly under that day's agenda list.  Parents will then SIGN that day's "box", showing that they have reviewed the agenda and saw their child read.  THAT'S IT!

One signature, each night.  If you are unclear about any of this, ask your child or give me a call.

-Mr. R.