Mrs. Marilyn Padget 2nd Grade

Please be on the look-out for my weekly newsletter in the communication binder! 
Important dates:
Feb. 14-Valentine'
Feb. 22-Box Top deadlines Day/party
Feb. 18-No school
Feb. 19-field trip to the Natural History Museum
Feb. 28-March 1-No school
March 11 & 13-NWEA testing


Please be on the look-out for my weekly newsletter in the binder!
Important dates:
Jan. 31-Literacy/Math Night 5:30-7:00
Feb. 1-Scholastic Book deadline
Feb. 14-Valentine's Day party
Feb. 19-field trip to Natural History Museum
Feb. 22-Box Top deadline
Feb. 25-conferences can begin
March 22-spring break begins
March 13 and 18-spring NWEA testing dates
April 26-field trip to the zoo
May 14-Field Day

Important dates:
12/5-Scholastic book deadline
12/6-NWEA 9:15-11:00
12/7-Walk-n-Roll to School 8:20
12/7-School carnival 5:30-8:00
12/7- Highlights Magazine order due
12/10-NWEA 9:15-11:00
12/10-Dec. I Station testing 1:10-2:00
12/14-food drive ends
12/17-holiday hat and holiday sock day
12/18-green Grinch hat or red hat day
12/18-3rd grade musical 9:30
12/19-pajama day/12:45 dismissal
12/ school. Winter break begins

Important dates:
11/6-No school-voting day
11/9-Veteran's Day celebration. Parade-9:15
11/12-can begin parent/teacher conferences before and after school
11/14-Author Vaunda Nelson presentation
11/15-SVE Thanksgiving luncheon
11/19-No school-all day conferences scheduled
11/22-Happy Thanksgiving!!!
11/20-23-no school for students

Important dates:
10/2-fire prevention assembly 2:50
10/5 Scholastic book deadline
10/8-Columbus Day
10/11-In-Service. No school for students
10/12-Fall Break
10/19-Walk-n-Roll, Scholastic book deadline
10/23-book fair preview
10/29-book fair closes
10/30,31-Smiles dentist visit

Important dates:
9/3-no school
9/4-NWEA testing
9/11-school pictures, NWEA testing
9/13-fall bar-b-que
9/21-SAVE Squad movie night
9/25-Meteorologist Jorge Torres

                                 SVE Pop-In
Reserve the evening of August 7 to come meet your child's teacher for the 2018-2019 school year and to sign up for a time to bring your child in for testing. The Pop-In will be in the SVE gym from 5:30-6:30 PM.  There may be a special treat for each SVE student that comes!

                                                   Supply list
You can find the supply list on our SVE home page. I encourage parents to bring the supplies when they bring their child for testing. Testing dates are August 9 and 10.

                                                   Summer 2018-Schools out-what now?
Reading-Be sure to keep reading. The Rio Rancho library has a great summer reading program. Read and earn prizes at the same time! We read and enjoyed the book The Trumpet of The Swan by E.B. White. I encourage you to read together Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, also by E.B. White.

Math-Have your child count coin combinations up to $2.00. Help them recognize the name and value of each coin. Encourage your child to continue their number scroll. I sent home blank pages for you to copy. Go on a shape scavenger hunt looking for 3-D shapes. Food boxes, toys, kitchen gadgets, etc. are some examples. Ask how many faces (sides)? How many vertices (corners)? Can it roll? Can it stack?

Writing-Get a composition book or other notebook from the Dollar Store and have them journal daily or write creative stories, complete with illustrations. Put them in charge of  writing the grocery list for the week. Send a letter to a relative using the appropriate letter writing format.

Spelling-I sent home their spelling word book in May. This book contains every spelling word we had this year. Have them practice writing the word in a sentence on a dry erase board (Dollar Store), then test them on the spelling words they missed this year. Once they get the word correct, place a star next to the word in their word book.

Computer-Check out these web sites-Zearn, Moby Max (student's brought their log on info home), Prodigy, Spelling City, Khan Academy, Storybird, just to name a few.

Staying healthy-Walk or play for at least 1 hour every day. Start a fitness log and post it on the fridge. Set a goal at the beginning of the week and reward yourself at the end of the week if you meet that goal with a special treat such as frozen yogurt!!!