Greenhouse and Garden Restoration Project

Greenhouse and Garden Restoration Project

The SaVE Earth Squad at Sandia Vista is in the process of revitalizing the outdoor garden and greenhouse. The goal is for this area to be available to all students of SVE and will provide a great outdoor learning space. 

Please consider making a donation so that we can afford to purchase the materials needed to get this project completed soon.  
We are now accepting the following items to help support our cause:

1. juice pouches or individual sized snacks (chips, fruit roll ups, etc.) sent in by Thursday, September 20th. (We will be selling these at the movie night.)
2. gift cards to Lowe's or Home Depot by October 10th 
3. cash donations or checks made out to Sandia Vista Elementary by October 5th
4. purchase of large loads of gravel to be delivered to our site (please coordinate this with our contact person by October 3rd)

If you have any questions please contact
All donations need to be forwarded to Anjanette Richardson in room 116.

Thank you for your contribution and support!!