Congratulations RREF Grant Recipients!

Sandia Vista is honored to be the recipients of four Rio Rancho Education Foundation Grants this year.  


$5,000 Fabulous Fourth Grade 
The fabulous 4th grade team applied for, and was awarded, a RREF grant for $5,000.00. We are planning on using the money to purchase a variety of items needed to set up flexible seating in all 4th grade classrooms. We know that students learn better when they have choices in seating and movement, and the items we would like to purchase support the students with their choices.
$4,936.57 "Comfort for the Classroom" Mrs. Romero 
Mrs. Romero won a grant for flexible seating! Each class next year will get a few options that will be purchased with the grant money. 

$1,614.14 Steam Lab Innovation 
Mrs. Maurer won a grant to purchase a magnet wall and accessories for the SVE Fab STEaM Lab.  

Mrs. McIntire won a grant for Raz Kids in the classroom.