Thunderous Sandia Singers Choir

choir pic The Thunderous Sandia Singers' Choir has been a big part of our school and community for several years. This is a before school program and is considered a club. There will be a choir and a shirt fee involved. The students have a great musical experience every year! They will have the experience of working together to achieve  MUSICAL GOALS which they will exhibit in the Fall and Spring concerts. In choir, the students will learn how to sing 2 part vocal music. At the end of each year, the choir will visit a Rio Rancho nursing home. This a great experience of giving back to the community. The residents are so blessed by our students and it blesses our student's hearts! This choir will be meeting on Thursday mornings at 7:55 in the gym. The school enrollment has increased greatly over the summer. Due to the increase of students,the choir will meet in the gym and enrollment will be opened to 4th and 5th Grade students ONLY.